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In 2009, I graduated with a BFA in PHOTOGRAPHY from the School of Visual Arts and have been working as a PORTRAIT and MUSIC Photographer ever since. I really enjoy taking portraits. If I had to look for a reason as to why I'm drawn to shoot the subjects that I do, it's CONNECTION. It could be that connection between the subject and the photographer through the lens or a connection to your audience, like a musician. Ever since I was little, I was in love with music. I picked up my first guitar when I was in 8th Grade and haven't stopped playing it since. It started to seep into everything I did. In fact, one of my first paying gigs was from taking photos of bands at live shows at various venues in the Tri-State Area. I have shot bands all over including New York City’s Nokia Theater, Irving Plaza, The Knitting Factory, New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom, Asbury Lanes, The Stone Pony and the House of Independents and Philadelphia’s North Star Bar, Milkboy, and Ortleib’s.

I fell in love with photography shooting bands, mostly the music I was into at the time, which was mostly emo/hardcore/metal vein. It was a free ticket into a show that I wanted to see anyway so I felt right at home in the crowd. I noticed over the years of shooting and playing and attending various shows that there was this connection between the audience and the entertainer. It's something I've strived for when performing and its something that I've always liked to document.

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